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CloudAccelerate gives businesses the foundations of their cloud strategy.

Professional engagements that help you adopt the public cloud

Over the years, Yobah has developed a framework that works with you and your business to start moving to the cloud. Whether you are wanting to close down your data centres, or provide 'work from anywhere' capability to your employees, it can help. Each engagement is divided up into the following packages:


Cloud Assess validates your current position and works to drive out your end state. Our cloud specialists will work with you and your key stakeholders to map out how you want to start your cloud journey, and what the end state looks like. 

Our Cloud Accelerate engagement builds the foundation for your business to start consuming the public cloud. Designed to be a first step into cloud adoption, the consultancy will work with your IT function to build a scaleable and supported framework that will evolve over time. Some key focus points include:

  • Cloud readiness and gap analysis
  • Hybrid connectivity
  • Role-based access and security foundation
  • Hybrid identity
  • Core infrastructure design
  • Next step planning

After the engagement, businesses will be in a position to deploy test applications into the cloud, with a plan on how to move into production. 

Cloud Accelerate+ builds upon the Accelerate programme with the main aim to provide a production-ready function. Our consultants move away from the technology stack, and focus on how your IT department can evolve into a cloud broker. The key deliveries within the Accelerate+ will include:

  • Cloud provider analysis
  • Security controls and validation
  • Provisioning capability
  • Staff competency analysis and up-skill
  • Business operating models
  • Application placement workflows

Upon completing the Cloud Accelerate+ programme, businesses will be well versed in the art of cloud, with the ability to communicate the true value of cloud and reassurance back to the business.  

The Cloud Accelerate Advanced is our most extensive cloud migration programme. Working alongside key stakeholders from across your business, our consultants will help you transform your IT function into a true cloud broker. We provide multiple work streams to ensure the IT service is ready for the public cloud. We work with you to:

  • Finance process analysis and change (showback/chargeback)
  • Organisational design and recommendations
  • Strategy and IT road map 
  • Extensive staff training across multiple disciplines
  • Security policy and operational design
  • Application migration planning

Upon completing the Cloud Accelerate Advanced programme, your IT and business functions will be a cloud centre of excellence, with policies, procedures and fiance models in place that provide an agile and flexible service to your business users. 

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