Managed Infrastructure

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Dedicated Team

We’re not your typical IT service provider and we don’t believe in complex statements of work for every change. Therefore, you get a dedicated team who’ll work in partnership to service your account, including experts in Architecture, Engineering and a billing analyst.

Security baked in

Building out your environment can be a daunting task, especially when you want to make sure it remains secure and deployed to best practice. Our proven Azure blueprints and automated workflows ensure your environment is deployed as it should be, protecting your key assets with controls such as encryption, network security, SIEM and role-based access control.

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Fully Automated

We practice what we preach! Our managed infrastructure solutions come with fully automated workflows that give your team the ability to spin up environments and the piece of mind that they are deployed correctly every time.

Continual optimisation

Running services incorrectly in the cloud can cost a fortune, so we ensure your environments are running at their best. Our cost optimisation service monitors your usage, regularly making recommendations on the right sizing, reserved instances and advanced billing reports to make sure you know exactly what it will cost you.

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