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Staff can work securely from anywhere

The world of work has changed, we’re operating in a more flexible way than ever before and our IT needs to do the same. Office365 allows teams to work from anywhere! harnessing cloud technology to access applications and documents securely no matter where they are.

Security as standard

With recent changes in European regulation, cyber security is now at the top of everyones’ agenda. Yobah Workplace is well placed to QuickStart your compliance. We configure the right technologies to best practice, getting the most out of your investment.

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Bring your own device

Don’t make BYOD stand for “Bring Your Own Disaster”. Yobah Workplace gives you piece of mind that your company data is protected on end user devices. Users benefit from not having to carry multiple devices and the business can be confident that data is secure.

Internet safety net

As your employees become more mobile and use more devices, the traditional security provided is no longer suitable. Our managed web protection ensures your users are shielding from phishing and dangerous websites, while providing content control no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

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Latest device as a service

Our device as a service gives you a fully managed Microsoft Surface device that has the latest Windows 10 operating system with the latest security features. All for a cost per device per month.

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