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No Upfront Costs

We know that a move to remote working can take some serious consideration and we know one of those considerations is cost. A typical on-boarding package can cost thousands but our Virtual Workplace provides free on-boarding and support , with a straightforward onward monthly cost of £70 per user, per month plus license costs. 

Any Device, Anywhere

When we say this we really mean it, we know your whole team might not be equipped with company laptops or other devices which is why our Virtual Workplace will work, whatever the device meaning personal laptops and other devices can be utilised to keep your business moving in a way which is secure and risk free. 

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Security As Standard

Just like our Managed Workplace offering, we’ll put in place the best security tools available to protect your business including:

Email with Standard security Controls
CISCO Umbrella Internet Security
Multi Factor Authentication
Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

Supporting Client Response to COVID19

Our Remote Workplace is already helping businesses to overcome the challenges presented by COVID19 and adapt their environment to entirely remote working. Learn how we worked with clients Azzurro Associates to support their development and data science teams to bring complex systems into the Virtual Workspace in a way which is entirely secure and which means key functions in their business are now operative in an entirely remote way. 

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What you’ll need

To take advantage of our Virtual Workplace service you must already be using Microsoft Office 365 for e-mail and have no more than 50 users.

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