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Many enterprises have opted to use Software Assurance within their Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft. What they often don't realise, is there are a number of benefits that can help drive their cloud adoption. Paul Sanders runs through how. 

The Microsoft cloud platform is secure from the ground up. However, once you deploy a service on-top of their infrastructure, it is your responsibility to secure the application and servers. Not to worry though, as there are some no-brainer security best practices that can be enabled to help secure your infrastructure.

Simply moving your email over to the cloud does not guarantee you are more secure. People, process and best practices must be applied to keep things safe. Find out what Ian Wright thinks and how Microsofts' new Secure Score can help. 

Our CEO looks back at his 2016 predictions and has a stab at looking at what 2017 might look like.

Starting on a cloud journey is a complex process. Over the past 5 years, I have found the following 4 rules will help you on your transformation.

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