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Strengthen your cyber security, streamline your working practices and transform your workplace with our Managed Workplace services, packaged into an easy-to-consume managed platform for your team.

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What is Managed Workplace?

As the world of work is always evolving, your business needs to be able to adapt and innovate without sacrificing security. Managed Workplace is a carefully curated, packaged service designed to facilitate more efficient, productive workplace practices, while maintaining an optimal cyber security posture.

We support and protect your company devices across a range of operating systems. You can implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and feel confident that your corporate data is protected. Plus, access all the solutions you need to work securely and effectively with Managed Workplace, powered by Microsoft 365 and Windows or MacOS.

Optimise your operations:
the benefits of Managed Workplace

While security and productivity are crucial for any business, with Managed Workplace your business will see key advantages, including:

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Flexible Working

Facilitate a more flexible working structure with Managed Workplace, powered by Microsoft 365. By harnessing the power of the Cloud, your team can access applications and documents securely from anywhere, from any device.

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Simplified billing

Simplify the costs of your security. Managed Workplace is billed per user, per month to ensure that our solutions grow alongside your business.

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Ensure compliance

Adhere to key regulations and guidelines with ease. As part of Managed Workplace, we ensure that your technologies are correctly configured and your data is protected.

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Data protection

In the world of hybrid work, every endpoint connected to your company’s network needs premium protection. We ensure that your data is protected on any and all company devices.

The perfect package: our Managed Workplace offering

As modern workplace practices continue to evolve, your tech needs to be able to keep up. At Yobah, our Managed Workplace offering helps to optimise your operations, support your employees and protect your business.

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Microsoft 365

Empower your employees to work securely and productively no matter where they are based. Microsoft 365 is a Cloud-based productivity platform, designed to help you optimise your operations, increase efficiency and achieve more.

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Bring your own device (BYOD)

Yobah help you to introduce BYOD policies with confidence. Managed Workplace ensures that your company data is defended on any device, owned by your organisation or not.

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Web protection

We offer managed web protection to shield your users from phishing attacks and malicious sites. No matter what device you are browsing on or where you are connecting from, we provide comprehensive content control.

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Device as a service

Our device as a service allows you to benefit from the latest devices, including a fully managed device – all for a cost per device, per month.

A Guide to Cyber Security for the Financial Services Industry

Cyber security and data protection are two of the most pressing challenges facing the financial sector. Is your business properly protected? Download our eBook today to discover how to strengthen your IT defences in the financial sector, with key strategies such as Zero Trust, data encryption and intelligent threat detection.

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