Yobah Life: Work Where You’re Happy

A new way of working…

Blog Header (4)We’re currently in a recruitment phase here at Yobah, a process which has presented quite a few learnings for us (more on that here) and it’s also afforded us the opportunity to look at the way we work – and where we work.

Back in summer 2020, we shared our blog Goodbye Office as we chose to move to a fully remote working model, since then we’ve pretty much stuck to this but as restrictions have lifted and the opportunity has arisen to work together in person we’ve enjoyed being able to take it – but we still don’t have an office, it’s something that we’ve chatted about with candidates during our recruitment processes and as a result of that we’ve decided that for everyone at Yobah the most important thing is to Work Where You’re Happy

So what does this mean in practice? 

The core team at Yobah have been happily working remotely for almost two years now but we also wanted to provide the opportunity for ourselves and our new team members as they join us to have some face-time in an office environment but we don’t want to dictate where people have to travel to, or what location they work in. So we’ve created a policy whereby we’ll cover the cost of co-working space in a location that’s convenient for our team members, what’s more, we can liaise as a team if we all want to get together and arrange a location that’s suitable for all. If you’d rather work from home or another location then that’s fine too and we’ll set our team up with the kit they need to get the job done – wherever they are.

Why have we done this? 

We don’t believe flexibility is something that hiring businesses should be listing as a perk because it isn’t. People have lives outside of work and we know families and other commitments are more important than we are, that doesn’t mean people aren’t committed to their jobs but there’s plenty we can do as employers to support a balanced life and ‘work where you’re happy’ is just one of those things. Cutting out ridiculous commutes or working in an environment which just doesn’t suit your needs simply isn’t productive and doesn’t equate to happy work life. – and that’s something we have always strived for here at Yobah, that everyone really enjoys what they do.

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