Merry Christmas From Yobah

When we wrote this message last year we were reflecting on the challenges and changes we’d seen through 2020 and we were looking forward to our plans for 2021. 

And now? it’s 12 months since we wrote that message and it’s safe to say that whilst we’ve resumed a lot of normality – 2021 has been a bit odd too really hasn’t it? None of us expected to see a third lockdown or a third stint of homeschooling and it’s safe to say we’re all not huge fans of the word variant anymore.

However with all that said, it has been another interesting year for Yobah and for our clients, we’ve done some new stuff including exhibiting at and sponsoring events for the first time – yes actual live events! and got some of the team on stage to share our expertise too – as a small team it’s a big-time investment for us to do this sort of stuff but we’ve really seen the value and we’re looking forward to doing more in 2022!

For our clients, it’s been another year of predominantly teams working from home and all the added security and infrastructure changes which go alongside that and we’ve been fortunate to continue to support many of our loyal clients, we’ve also welcomed some new clients to the fold and we’ll have some interesting projects to share with you in the coming months!

And finally as a team, in 2022 we’re looking to grow our ranks starting with a Business Development Manager and have some exciting plans for what comes next. During 2021 we have continued to work remotely although we have met up for team meetings and most recently for a very lovely Christmas lunch! – in 2022 we hope to see a little more of each other and we’ll also be welcoming two more Yobah babies to the fold bringing our total of little Yobah’s to seven!  – got to keep that talent pipeline going!

We started 2021 full of optimism and we’re ending it much the same way, yes there have been challenges but as we come to the close of the year we feel proud of what we’ve achieved in spite of them and we hope that you are feeling the same way.

A huge thank you to all of the clients we’ve worked with this year, to our core Yobah team and to our network of consultants and technology experts, wishing you all a peaceful and enjoyable festive season! 

See you in 2022!

Best Wishes
Paul Sanders & Team Yobah 

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