Microsoft Ignite: Our Top 3 Teams Updates

The end of September saw Microsoft host their 2020 Ignite event – for the first time 100% virtual but still absolutely jam-packed with updates and information from the tech giant. 

We pondered what to share with you from the event – there was a lot! and especially some really cool stuff for us as Managed Service Providers but we decided to focus on Teams – lots of us are using it and lots of us are finding pain points. There were tons of updates for Teams which is great news but here are our top 3!

Recordings will soon be shared in OneDrive and SharePoint

Hallelujah! if you’ve been using Teams for the past few months, you’ll know that recordings of meetings get stored in Microsoft Stream – which is an add on, and put bluntly it’s a bit of a pain. Allowing recordings to be stored in OneDrive/SharePoint means they’ll be more easily accessible plus users will benefit from all the permissions, sharing and other policies associated with the more mature products, simplicity and peace of mind – perfect!

Automatic Meeting Rewind

Do you forget what’s been said in a meeting? (Us too!) clearly, the folks at Microsoft do as well, as they’ve created an auto-generated meeting summary including transcript, chat, shared files and recording, all of which will be viewable in the chat and details tab for each meeting and handily attached to the meeting in your Outlook calendar – super, super handy this one!

Customise your meeting layouts

If you’ve been doing team meetings, sprints, stand-ups or anything with that level of detail then you’ll know that doing this remotely can be tough but Microsoft is introducing custom layouts meaning you can choose how content looks for participants and allowing you to create greater visibility for presenters, presentations and graphics and an all-round better experience for all involved – it even has green screen technology so you can overlay the presenter on PowerPoint Slides – we love this cool feature!

You can learn more about all the Teams updates here 

Catch up with Microsoft Ignite in full here







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