The Power of Partnerships – Trailblazing Tech Conference 2021

We’re really excited to be sponsors of pro-manchester’s Trailblazing Tech Conference for 2021 – not least because we’re going to be networking in a room with ‘actual people!’ but because events like these give us the opportunity to build the relationships we need to grow our business.

We know that’s not news right, get out and meet people and grow your business – it ain’t rocket science but it can be quite difficult to achieve when you are a growing business with a small team.  We’re really passionate about providing the right solutions for our clients and working wholly in partnership and that means we spend a lot of time at the coalface doing what we do best and quite honestly not a lot of time spent networking!

If you are a small business, like us, you’re probably time-poor, early mornings, late nights and long to-do lists and so taking a whole day out to attend and exhibit at a conference might seem like something you don’t have time to do but stop! You can do it – and you should!

You probably attend lots of smaller events anyway, isn’t it better to be part of an event that speaks to your specialisms and targets your potential customers? as part of a supportive network designed to help your business grow? – Spoiler Alert yes it is!. Plus large scale events like this one help you focus on your brand, who you are and how you’re currently talking to your customers. We’re already seeing some great brand exposure from being part of the sponsorship lineup for the Trailblazing Tech Conference through the targeted marketing delivered by pro-manchester and we’re looking forward to seeing our name on the big screen on Friday 2nd July.

So,  if you’re considering attending or taking a sponsorship slot at an event like this one, we urge you to do it – you’ll never know where it will take you next!

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