We’re going back to the office – but why?

Back in June 2020 (was it really that long ago?!) we wrote this blog about saying goodbye to our office in the midst of a national lockdown we’d realised our office was sitting empty and meanwhile operations were continuing as they ever would, we just didn’t need it and so we took the decision to go fully remote.

And now? well it’s May 2022 and we’ve just made the decision to return to a physical workspace creating a central hub for Yobah, but why? 

Team Growth

Since 2020 both our business and our team have grown and as such our team has a different dynamic and different requirements than it did before. Working remotely through multiple lockdowns was very successful for us as a team, we got really good at staying connected with virtual team lunches and online social stuff but we did miss the face to face interaction and moreover, we realised as we add new members to the team that it’s really important to have that time together, particularly during the onboarding period but also for bouncing ideas off one another, working on strategy and planning or just all grabbing a bite to eat together and ultimately that’s made easier by having a place to call our own.

Work Where You’re Happy 

As part of our recruitment processes, we chatted a lot with candidates in order to get the right balance for our existing team and those who choose to join us in the future and we decided that for everyone at Yobah the most important thing was to Work Where You’re Happy. Some people are happiest working in an office environment so we’ve provided one but that doesn’t mean we dictate that people have to be there. Our current team is spread across the North West and as far as Wales, and everyone works where they are happiest with a cross of fully remote and hybrid currently in place. Having our own office means we’re keeping up our end of the bargain of providing an environment people are happy to work in and which is always available should they need it.

New Office, New Opportunity

We are always excited about the opportunity to look at how we do things and to find ways to improve and enhance our ways of working and this is no different, as we grow our team it is important to us to have a collaborative space where our technical team can focus on operations together, link up with our team of associates and where we can all collaborate with our clients and customers, sharing ideas and demonstrating technical solutions. We’ve also invested in business development and with a strategic focus on our target market, we’ve chosen a physical location which supports this right in the heart of our North West client base. We’re looking forward to meeting new and existing clients in our new home along with getting out and about across the city attending networking events and meeting new faces.

So we’re back, and our door is open, if you fancy a chat about your cloud solutions, digital transformation projects or just a nice coffee give us a shout!



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