Yobah Life: Meet The Team

Welcome to another edition of Yobah Life, this time around we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet our team! Whilst our core team is a small (yet perfectly formed!) group, we also work with a range of skilled and experienced associates and over the next few editions of Yobah Life, we’ll be introducing you to them and us!

This time we’re meeting our Founder and CEO.

Who are you?

I’m Paul Sanders, and wear many hats here at Yobah! I suppose the official title would be Founder and CEO.

What’s your background? 

Since finishing my A Levels, I pretty much jumped straight into the world of IT. Originally working for a service provider as a hardware break fix engineer, IT Support and then technical support on the Microsoft stack. Then I started down the strategy and architecture route.

What does your day usually look like? 

Prior to the whole lockdown situation, I would have said there isn’t such thing as a usual day! However, now I am normally woken up by the kids from 7 am and am lucky enough to spend the first few hours with them. It is then straight into the home office while drinking my own body weight in tea. Typical work includes conference calls with customers, writing PowerPoint decks and even getting to write the odd bit of PowerShell now and then!

There are then various breaks in the day to build train tracks or go for a walk.

What’s your favourite thing about Yobah Life?

Good question… to me, it is the flexibility and drive to do something different. We really aren’t a traditional IT company that sits at a desk 9 to 5. Everyone loves a good challenge and likes to approach it in their own way. It’s exciting to see how people react and encourage each other when there is a challenge to face or a big project to deliver.

Most likely to be on your playlist?

I’m a big fan of indie/rock, although my playlist has a mix. Tiesto through to Eminem with a sprinkle of Band of Skulls for good measure.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I’d love to tell you an astronaut, footballer or racing car driver.. but sadly I read my Record of Achievement the other day. I had written that I wanted to start an IT company to fix peoples computers!

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