Yobah Life: Meet The Team

Welcome to another edition of Yobah Life, this time around we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet our team! Whilst our core team is a small (yet perfectly formed!) group, we also work with a range of skilled and experienced associates and over the next few editions of Yobah Life, we’ll be introducing you to them and us!

This time we’re meeting one of our associates Dan Flower

Who are you?

I’m Dan Flower and I provide consulting on architecture, strategy and security.

What’s your background? 

I’ve been in the tech industry for around 25 years, helping businesses of every size and industry sector.  I’m passionate about using modern services such as cloud and automation to solve problems and realise tangible business benefits in an agile and secure fashion.

What does your day usually look like? 

It starts with the utter chaos of getting four children up, dressed and fed.  Once the school run is completed, I might be focusing on anything including IT strategy, solution and security architecture, security threat modelling and possibly even some hands-on engineering for Proof of Concepts.  It involves strong client relationships, good communication and understanding the client’s needs and objectives.

What’s your favourite thing about Yobah Life?

Flexibility, openness to new approaches or solutions, and a fresh, innovative mindset.

Most likely to be on your playlist?

It varies wildly, but Faithless and classical movie soundtracks by Hans Zimmer often feature heavily.  Oh, and quite a lot of club dance music.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Weirdly, a binman! Fortunately, I have never achieved this ambition and do not plan to!

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