Yobah Life: Meet The Team

Welcome to another edition of Yobah Life, this time around we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet our team! Whilst our core team is a small (yet perfectly formed!) group, we also work with a range of skilled and experienced associates and over the next few editions of Yobah Life, we’ll be introducing you to them and us!

This time we’re meeting COO Darren Jones

Who are you?

I’m Darren and I’m Chief Operating Officer here at Yobah.  I’m also one of the Co-Founders of the business.

What’s your background? 

I’m a partially Qualified Accountant with a love of tech and automation, my ethos is if you have to manually do something time and time again then automate it!

What does your day usually look like? 

With two little ones the first task of the day is the nursery run! after that, it can be anything from scripting some automation or looking at how we can speed up internal processes. living in Azure Automations, logic apps and PowerApps.

What’s your favourite thing about Yobah Life?

It’s definitely the commitment that everyone has within the team to make things happen and the fact we are never afraid to innovate whether that’s within our own business or for our clients.

Most likely to be on your playlist?

My taste is a bit all over the place, from Slowthai to The National, it’s completely mood dependent!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Actually an accountant! but realised as I went through my career  I prefer helping companies speed up their processes and using cloud-native technologies to do so.

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