Key architecture principles to ensure it’s ‘always’ business as usual

Lockdown in the UK was swift and for the majority of businesses created a multitude of changes and challenges, but for our clients things were a little different…

and that’s not because we’ve got private line to Number 10 and knew what was coming before it happened but rather it’s because the key architecture principles we live by when designing our products mean it’s ‘always’ business as usual with little impact on workflow or security for our clients.

Here we share just how we help our clients and their users work from anywhere, confidently and securely.

Cloud First

Scaling on premises IT infrastructure is costly and expensive and as we saw after lockdown was enforced, lead times for hardware turned from days to months almost instantly. Working in the cloud lets us benefit from an infrastructure which is already developed and which is regularly invested in, meaning we can quickly provide the best solution for our client, no wait time and no fuss.  There’s no restriction on geography or location, wherever our clients are, we can scale and spin up the infrastructure they need provides access to industry leading security options providing confidence that their business is safe.

Identity led security

Lots of businesses still operate what we’d refer to as ‘legacy security methods’ which work fine if you’re all sat in the same office and the same building but even pre-CoronaVirus that’s a scenario which is becoming less and less realistic. When individuals and businesses are operating remotely those security systems start to fall down. We put security policies in place which mean individual users can access what they need securely, with extra layers of security where the business needs it ensuring devices are secure but utilising ‘ single identity’ meaning if things need to change company wide they can do so securely and at the click of a button for hundreds of systems and users.

Any device from anywhere

We firmly believe that  users work best on devices they are comfortable with, just because the business thinks everyone should have a desktop PC doesn’t mean that’s how everyone will work best, and as lockdown has taught us, getting hold of laptops, monitors or even webcams became almost impossible meaning pre-conceived ideas about what users ‘should’ be working on had to be left at the door – letting users access systems from smart phones, tablets or even their kids laptops has ensured people can continue to work and crucially businesses can keep operating.

We launched our Remote Workplace in response to the needs of business during #COVID19 but we were already firmly following the principle of any device, anywhere by putting in place controlled access to resources from these devices based on the security needs of our clients and using modern technologies like InTune and Android For Business allowing us to isolate corporate data on personal devices, locking down tools like copy and paste or screenshot and keeping sensitive data secure and safe.

Want to learn more about how we keep business moving? Check out our latest case studies here 

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