Cloud Solutions and Your Small Business

If you’ve ever worked in a small business then you will likely know that getting the right IT set up can be a time consuming and sometimes let’s be honest painful process, if you’re not familiar with IT systems, trying to find the right solutions whilst also doing your day job or trying to keep costs low – there are challenges aplenty but Cloud Solutions can change all of that.

In this blog, we’re going to look at the reasons why ‘ The Cloud’ is such a good investment for small businesses and some of the major benefits.

We’ll start with the big one

It’s all about pay as you go

If you choose to have your solution ‘on-premises’ then your only major investment will be a powerful server. If you choose an outsourced Cloud Service Provider (like Yobah) then the capital investment is eliminated, all of the hardware you need is the responsibility of that service provider, you don’t need to update your existing computers as you’ll be using the resources of your CSP (for example Microsoft Word in the Cloud rather than locally on your machine) and if your business grows you’ll just pay a nominal fee for things like additional users and extra infrastructure.

It’s Flexible 

Once a user is created ‘ in the cloud’ that user can then access the network anywhere, anytime, using multiple devices such as smartphone or tablet or personal laptop meaning they can work from anywhere – something which has become particularly important in recent times, but more than that it also means smaller businesses can provide contractors or freelancers who may need access to their system for a short period of time without the time and significant cost of bringing on a permanent hire.

It improves security 

All data is maintained in a central location which means it’s much easier to keep that data safe. Think of it this way if you kept valuables in multiple boxes or in one really secure box where would it be safer? With the data all in one place, cyber threats are become easier to manage, reducing the risk and increasing the visibility. If a device were lost or stolen then the data in the cloud is still secure and the CSP can put in place measures like resetting the password, remotely wiping the device and more – Find out how we handle that very scenario with our Managed WorkPlace Solution here

It allows a business to scale 

If you’re a small business without a cloud solution and you take on new team members, you need to provide the additional IT hardware for those employees thus adding a few zeros to your capital expenditure – if you grow quickly this can become very costly, very quickly and if you downsize? then you’ve still incurred the cost. With a cloud solution, you’ll just need to add another user to your agreement and if they need a specific software your CSP will be able to provide that too.

It keeps your business up to date and saves on resource

All data and applications are maintained centrally, meaning all updates, security patches and changes are installed at that same location and then applied to each user, none of your team will be responsible for updating their own platforms and applications and you won’t need an in-house IT expert to keep you up and running – it will all happen magically in the cloud and if you do need assistance your CSP will be on hand to provide support.

Considering making the move to The Cloud? – We can help! Find out more





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